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Led Grow Light, Linke 120 LEDs Touch Control Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Growing Lamps Suitable for Smart Plug, Full Spectrum with Timer & Gooseneck Stepless Dimming Plant Lights on Table & Wall

【 Controllable Lighting Bulb 】: You can selectively turn on the grow lamp you want to turn on, instead of just turning on all 4 grow lights rigidly like other grow lights. For Linke, you can choose to light up one, two, three or all of the lights, as you like.
  • 【 Memory Function 】: You can use Linke grow light and smart plug together. In this way, you can freely control the switch of the light, and you can turn on the plant light at any time. By using the smart socket, the timing function is more arbitrary.
  • 【 Timing Function & Auto On/Off 】: Grow Light is the latest in plant growth lamps with an automatic timing function. You can set the light to turn on for 3,6,9,12 hours every 24 hours according to your needs.With auto on/off function, there is no worry about plant withering when nobody at home. Plant light will be restarted automatically the next day without manual operation
  • 【 4 Dimmable Modes & 5 Switch Modes 】: Linke LED growing lamp provides 4 dimmable modes and 5 spectrum modes to suit varied stages of plant growth.4 dimmable modes:(25% 50% 75% 100%) and long press stepless dimming. 5 spectrum modes:(Red Blue White/Red Blue/White/Red/Blue).
  • 【 Efficient LED Combination 】: Plant growing light are made up of 120 efficient growing LEDs. It meets the conditions of plant growth without sunlight. The red light promotes photosynthesis, germination, bloom and fruit bearing. The blue light ensures the plants take in more energy through chlorophyll synthesis to help in germination.Full spectrum white light is to simulate sunlight to promote the growth, flowering and fruit of plants.
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